In it’s past, Nivelium was a grand world Full of prosperity and life. The capital cities of the races acted as their own soverign states within Nivelium. The Dwarven capital of Goriholm to the North built into the side of the Blade Mountains, was the envy of many for their superior crafts and wares. Close by, the Elven capital of Fawold was one filled with the arcane arts and studies. The races lived in a constant state of alliance to each other, providing efficiency and growth to everyone dispite their natural distaste for each other.

When the whispers of a creeping red fog started to grow, the elvish leaders summoned the great wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks to gather and fight the progress of the fog. None survived. With the greatest sources of knowledge in the world destroyed when their city was enveloped in the fog, the hearts of the people sank. When those same revered leaders rose the next day as undead, all hope was lost. The fog consumed all living creatures and spat back a vile undead shadow of what it was. It did not care the origin of the being; Animals, villagers, divine warriors, it showed no bias. 
Wildlife flourished, and started growing out of control. With no animals there to keep the growth at bay, grasses, vines, and trees took over most of the smaller cities. Roadways became overgrown and almost impassible. The fastest way to travel was by river, or air.

News of this made its way to Goriholm, where the Clerics began frantically praying to their dieties, when finally, one was able to answer. Helm spoke to the Clergy in Goriholm, blessing them with the divine ability to withstand the Red Fog with a channeled ritual of protection, and the great city of Goriholm lived to stand another day. The fog has been described as a mist of the blood it has claimed from it’s victims and only appears and moves after the sunset. Moving with a purpose, as if controlled by someone, or maybe even an entity of it’s own, the fog spans a distance of 5 miles wide, and 3 miles deep, shifting and shaping as it sees fit.

The ritual of Protection would keep the fog at bay, but only in cities and towns with Clerics strong enough to channel the energy for the entire night. Even then, it did not protect against the onslaught of undead that would travel in it’s wake. Difficult if not impossible to outrun, life outside the walls of a city became scarce, only the most skilled and cunning were able to find ways of adapting outside the protection of the Clergy.

The rise to power of the Clergy became imminent, with the power to save people, came the ability to influence decisions in the cities without resistance. Through no fault of their own, the church became the governing body of every major city, rebellion against the church and their laws meant exile from their protection, and in turn, a fate worse than death.

As the knowledge of the arcane became more and more removed from the great wizards deaths, it became frowned upon it’s use within the protection of a city. The people that were skilled in its use practiced in the privacy of their homes, and treasured the knowledge they did have more than any other posession they owned. Countless expeditions were mounted by underground factions in search of a fabled arcane library in Fawold, the Elven Capital, none ever returned.

Clergy sponsored search parties, mainly consisting of criminals and rejects, have been sent into the barren wilderness of the once great land. In search for information and answers and resources, in return for their pardons and the protection of the Clergy once again. Rarely do these parties return, but it does happen occasionally. One person in particular, Andra Stormclaw, had been aquitted of her crimes 5 times. On her final mission into the wastes, she brought back what is only rumored to be information about the origin of the fog. She was never seen after that. Some believe she still lives within the walls of the city, and others believe she has fled to the hideout of her old bandit crew. But one thing is for certain, she holds knowledge crucial to the survival of everyone.